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Facts About Lutheranism

How do I Repent? -- From the Lutheran Confessions

How to Share the Gospel with a Jehovah's Witness

What About Differences Between the ELCA and the LCMS? by A.L. Barry

What is the Main Thing in Worship?


Roman Catholicism

The Problem of Sacred Tradition and Papal Primacy

Which Doctrines are Necessary for Unity?

A Brief Commentary on the Pope's Bull, Incarnationis Mysterium

A Letter Explaining the Differences between Roman Catholicism and Lutheranism

Does the Roman Catholic Church Proclaim the Biblical Gospel? - A Brief Analysis of the 1992 Catechism of the Catholic Church

Does Pope John Paul II Teach the Biblical Gospel?

What Do Lutherans Believe About Mary?



Evidence for Infant Baptism in the Church Fathers and Inscriptions

Why We Baptize Babies (The Case for Infant Baptism)

Is Baptism Our Symbolic Work for God or God's Powerful Work for Us?


Life and Death of Jesus Christ

The Ascension of Christ - Why You Should Care

10 Wonderful Truths About Christ's Resurrection

Crucifixion in the Ancient World

Not WWJD but WDJD!

Resurrection or Reincarnation?

What was the Ascension of Jesus Christ?

What is the Epiphany of our Lord?


Biblical Teachings

Let Us Help Those Who Suffer

A Biblical Primer on Divorce

A Brief Letter About Homosexuality

Biblical Eschatology: The End Times - A Summary

Christian Giving in God's Word

If You Hope to Have Life After Death (Heaven), There is One Thing You Must Have

Is a Christian "Once Saved Always Saved"?

Predestination: The Great Doctrine of Comfort

Private Thanksgiving is not Enough

The Christian View of War: Can War Ever Be Just? (With Thoughts About the War with Iraq)

The Misuse of God's Law in Christian Living (The Scourge of Antinomianism)

Theses on Good Works

What is Nature Trying to Tell Us?

Where Does the Soul Go After Death (Paradise or Soul Sleep)?


Seasons Throughout the Year

Visit our Lent/Easter Page or our Christmas Page to find more articles on these topics.

Thank God for All that is Bad in My Life

Christmas Celebrates What IS and What CAN be

Facts About Lent

An Essay in Honor of All Saints Day: Who are the Saints?

The Magi / Wise Men FAQ

The Origin and Meaning of the Christmas Tree

The Origin of Santa Claus and the Christian Response to Him

The Season of Advent

Can Christians Celebrate Halloween?

Who was St. Patrick?