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Christmas - Essays and Short Meditations on Christmas



“O that God would Come Down!”

Reason for the Season

The Birth of Christ FAQ

Biblical Christmas Quiz and Answers  Answer #4 should read, “Marriage was not  consummated till after the birth.”

Christmas is Not Pagan (Is Christmas Christian?)

The Heaping Pile - A Christmas Parable

She Said "Yes"

Gabriel's Annunciation to Mary - A Commentary on Luke 1:26-38

A Closer Look at Christ's Birth - A Study of Luke 2:1-14

Jeremiah 10 and the "Pagan" Christmas Tree

The Origin of Santa Claus and the Christian Response to Him

The Origin and Meaning of the Christmas Tree

The Christmas Customs FAQ

Caesar Augustus, Quirinius, and the Census

Christmas is Gospel (Don't Turn it into a New Commandment!)

What Does "Christmas" Mean?

Why December 25?

The Angel's Sermon Reveals the Meaning of Christmas

The Meaning of Immanuel, God with Us

An Unwritten Rule About Receiving Gifts

Holiday Discrimination

Nothing Shall Be Impossible for God

The Quiet Christmas

Christmas Celebrates What IS and What CAN Be

The Pastor's Christmas Letter to Those Who Do Santa, and to Those Who Struggle With Guilt, Fear, or Sadness at Christmas

Martin Luther's Christmas Sermons


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